How to keep your office cool in summer

Here are 8 effective and cost efficient ways to keep your building cool this summer:

  1. Employ the night cooling technique; pass cool night air through the building via secure windows / openings to remove heat that has built up during the day. Building fabric that has been cooled in this way will absorb more heat the following day, meaning lower internal temperatures. This free source of cooling can deliver a real reduction in your HVAC costs.
  2. When external temperatures are cooler than the required internal temperature during the day, ventilate the building with fresh air.
  3. Turn off all unnecessary equipment during the day to reduce heat build up.
  4. Review your HVAC run times. Keep an eye on the weather forecast; if hot weather is expected start the system earlier to allow it enough time to reach the desired temperature. HVAC systems are expensive to run; schedule your rooms tightly so that you can reduce the amount of time that your HVAC systems are running.
  5. Adjust your HVAC system’s set-points. Are they appropriate for the weather? Are they energy and cost efficient?
  6. Check that you system’s ducts, filters and fans are clean. A well maintained system will deal with the heat load more efficiently.
  7. Can you manage your building’s solar heat gain? Solar heat gain through windows can add significantly to the temperature within a building. Employ solar shading systems or internal blinds to keep you building cool.
  8. Lighting contributes to heat gain within buildings. Can you switch off the lights in your building for part or all of the day? Are you using LED lights? LED lights run significantly cooler than incandescent or CFL bulbs.