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Strategic Outsourcing

We are strategic outsourcing experts. We design and deliver service solutions for many of the worlds largest and best known organisations.  We have particular expertise in first generation outsourcing and in the design and delivery of service solutions for quality critical environments and sectors with unique challenges such as Life Sciences, Retail, Healthcare, Education and Police & Justice. Our services range from single services such as cleaning and security to building maintenance and facilities management.

Designing Market Leading Solutions

We employ management, solution design and business transformation experts who are highly experienced in successfully delivering the largest and most complex outsourcing projects. We work in close partnership with our clients to develop and transform their service solutions. To design optimal solutions, our experts work collaboratively with clients to understand the challenges of each property in their portfolio, and perform comprehensive studies of existing service delivery models and compare how they meet our clients needs and expectations. We bring our extensive industry experience to the solutions design process. Our solutions utilise all available resources and introduce new technologies, best practices and LEAN and innovative processes to deliver optimally for our clients.

Self-Delivering for Excellence

NOONAN is uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding strategic outsourcing solutions. Our group employs more than 13,000 well trained and highly motivated staff across the RoI, NI and GB. We recruit, develop and retain highly skilled people with the sector and service expertise our clients need. Our people provide us with a unique self- delivery capability. We self-deliver all our core services. Self-delivering our services enables us to ensure our clients consistently receive the highest standards of service and ensures we always have the flexibility and capability to meet our clients needs. We mobilise contracts, of all sizes and complexities, quickly and smoothly. Once our solutions are in place, our professional contract managers perform benchmarking exercises and business improvement programmes to ensure we deliver continuous improvement and achieve the highest level of customers satisfaction.