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Corporate Social Responsibility

In NOONAN, we recognize Sustainable Development as an integral part of our core organizational strategy. For us, this concept translates into a genuine commitment to meet the needs of society while operating within the limits of the environment. Sustainable Development in NOONAN targets long term growth and profit from a position of social co-operation and value creation. We embrace the broad expectations of society as a whole.

We are committed to operating in an ethical and socially responsible manner which contributes to Sustainable Development. This standard applies to all divisions within our Group and is underpinned by our sustainable development program, NOONAN Core. NOONAN Core comprises four strands:

• Our Corporate Values System
• Social Responsibility (ISO 26000 Framework)
• Our Commitment to Ethical Conduct
• Corporate Governance Audit

Our Programme in Action

In 2013, NOONAN made a commitment to implement and adhere to the ISO 26000 Framework: Social Responsibility. This International Standard promotes ethical and socially responsible behaviour within organizations and encourages the creation of a positive connection with stakeholders. These principles of sustainable development, right conduct and social responsibility are ingrained within our culture.  We develop, adopt and implement comprehensive policies, which range from areas such as recycling and energy conservation to anti-slavery and human trafficking, to ensure we operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We play an active role in Assisting Communities via our engagement in local social projects which make a real difference in the communities in which they operate.

Recent CSR Events