Can we achieve more with our CCTV systems?  CCTV systems are commonly used to help deter criminal and antisocial behaviour, support security personnel in monitoring their sites, help police to pursue offenders, and entitle businesses to lower insurance premiums. Tomas Mazrimus believes we can achieve more with our CCTV systems. Tomas leads a team of security officers, store detectives and CCTV controllers at one of our key client’s flag ship stores. Tomas tells me making a few small tweaks to a CCTV system can elevate it from a supporting role to a central one. In his current post, Tomas made small improvement to the system which delivered a substantial reduction in stock loss.

What adjustments can you make to improve the effectiveness of you system?

  • Make sure that all CCTV cameras have unobstructed views, move cameras to optimal position. Add cameras if necessary to achieve maximum visibility.
  • Assess the camera’s image quality. Ensure individuals  can easily identified with each camera?
  • Improve lighting to maximise image quality. Consider how the changing lighting conditions impact image quality?
  • Dust your camera lenses
  • A camera can only deter criminals if they know its there. Make sure your cameras are visible.
  • Prevent criminals from interfering with cameras. Install them out of reach and consider installing them in vandal resistant domes.
  • To prevent tampering, CCTV cables should be housed or concealed.
  • Make sure that your recorder is functioning correctly and archiving images.
  • Upskill your CCTV controllers

Tomas emphasised the difference the CCTV controller can make to the effectiveness of the system. A diligent, energetic, motivated and well trained well trained CCTV controller is the linchpin of highly successful systems.